maid service vancouver






Have you ever looked around your house and wondered if you should hire a maid service, the answer is probably yes. These days both of the parents usually work full-time jobs outside the house. With working full time, cooking, and taking care of your children cleaning might be the last thing on your list and by the time you are done with all of that, cleaning might not even get done. Hiring a maid service vancouver might be the best solution for your needs. Before you start looking you might want to figure out what exactly you might want to be cleaned in your house and what is the main focus. 

 Maid services can provide service based on what exactly you want to be cleaned, for example,  If you just want your master bedroom and bathroom cleaned you can request that with the maid service or  If you want the whole house from top to bottom cleaned then that can be done too. 

Usually, when hiring a maid service without any specific request they will do regular cleaning of the whole house this includes.

  1. Cleaning bathrooms, mirrors, toilets, showers
  2. Vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping
  3. Changing sheets and making the bed
  4. Removing garbage snd recycling
  5. Cleaning kitchen, wiping down appliances, cleaning dishes 
  6. General tidying up, picking up things, dusting, and organizing
  7. Sanitizing and wiping everything down

There are some duties you should not expect from the maid service. This includes anything that can put them in physical danger. Here are some examples.

  1. Outdoor window washing. You should hire a professional window cleaner for that.
  2. Child care. Maid services are not trained to safely take care of your kids.
  3. Cleaning up pets or human waste. Exposure to waste can be dangerous.
  4. Lifting heavy furniture. Maid service arent able to move anything heavier than 30-40  pounds. Lifting heavy objects can cause physical pain and can result in the loss of the job.

How much will the maid service cost?

The cost of the service mainly depends on what kind of cleaning you want to be done or how often you want it done. Maid service can cost anywhere from $15 to $40 an hour. The total cost of the cleaning will be based upon how long they spend cleaning your home. So if you want more of a deep clean of the home it will cost more than a regular cleaning, it is because it takes longer to do a deep clean than just a quick regular clean up.

Hiring a maid service vancouver doesn’t have to be a stressful process as long as you understand the general duties that a maid service does. Always be as clear as possible when hiring a maid service this way they can understand what exactly needs to be done. Discuss with them when is the best time for them to enter your home, also discuss the payment options, some maid services might not accept cash payments or checks. Always make sure the maid services can offer the best service for your needs.