Buying Guide of Jeep Hardtop Lift to Ensure the Right Buying Decision

Posted on November 26, 2019Comments Off on Buying Guide of Jeep Hardtop Lift to Ensure the Right Buying Decision

Finding a jeep hardtop lift suitable for your needs is difficult. Whether you considering loading your jeep with items or wish to enjoy the wind, there is a need for a piece of appropriate equipment to get the hardtop off the vehicle.

The need for a hardtop lift is that you may risk damaging the hardtop or end up injuring. However, you must browse and look for a suitable hardtop lift. Contemplating the jeep hardtop lift allows you to understand the suitable ones. Here is a guide that may help you in buying the right choice of hardtop lift.

Buying guide of Jeep hardtop lift

Buying the wrong hardtop lift goes without saying that it is sure to damage your jeep. It is best to consider a few factors while planning to buy a jeep hardtop lift:

  • Compatibility: The most important feature is the compatibility of the product. It is crucial to know that slight variations do exist in the hardtops size and design. These variations cause damage to the top and your jeep. Thus, it is a must to ascertain the product is compatible with meeting the exact model. Ensure confidence by reading the product specification.
  • Garage space: Space is an important point that should be at the back of your mind while buying. Scope refers to the garage space. This is because the top-mounted hardtops sometimes need around 10 feet of ceiling height. In case your garage lacks this space, you must look for a suitable lift model that helps in fitting correctly. Also ensure, there is enough space to keep the hardtop safe.
  • Installation: Installing a hardtop is not hard or easy. Some units need extensive installation. You may consider a floor hoist lift type for the installation process. But, if you are not new to using tools and also are adept at assembling, you may find handling a hardtop lift system easy to install. The installation is crucial, and some hoists take nearly three hours, and some may take more hours to set up. It is best to go through the instructions to determine the setting up of the hardtop lift.
  • Weight handling ability:  There is a need to know the weight you will be hauling before buying a hardtop lift. Weight ability varies from different hoists. Some lifts handle around 300 pounds. It is convenient to choose your choice of hardtop lift meeting your needs.
  • Ceiling Height: The hardtop hoists operate effectively when it has around 10 feet of ceiling height. This is because it ensures operating clearance. Check the specification of the product so that it operates with the height.  In case the roof is high, adding a rope helps in reaching the hardtop lift height of the ceiling.
  • The convenience of use: The hardtop life should offer the convenience of use. Normally, the hardtop lifts do come with instructions that are simple to follow. Especially, if you are planning to do it all by yourself, ensure the hardtop lift has the operation feature allowing one person to operate, else you may get frustrated and stuck.

Which hardtop lift should be purchased?

Lifts are powered by hand or using an electric winch. Saving time is a consideration, and this is best resolved by buying an electric-powered hardtop lift. It saves time and requires less effort.

Press button to operate, or you can also operate it using the remote. Of course, it is expensive.

The hardtop lift that is operated by hand is cost-effective, but there is a need to exert more effort or even seek the assistance of a few hands.

The mechanical life will demand you to lower or raise the lift or even pull a rope. The mechanical lifts may cause injury or damage, that their budget-friendly feature may turn to be expensive later.

Thus, it is recommendable to ensure the mechanical hoist has safety features such as the locks to prevent damage.


Hardtop lifts are made from materials of high-quality and are likely to tolerate the test of time than the ones with poor construction. In the buying process, it is recommended to look for a jeep hardtop lift that is solid and is made of high-quality materials. In this way, the unit assures to serve for an extended period.