Pregnancy and Childbirth

Choosing a new Park City midwife or a health care provider is not easy. There is a need to consider if the midwife is new to attend to pregnancy issues or capable of handling, even if things get complicated. With pregnancy, a new situation can arise anytime and being prepared always is impossible.

If your idea is to look for a midwife Park City for your pregnancy, you must know these so that it suits right and is the best.

Midwife’s Training

The training of each midwife may be different. A certified nurse-midwife is different from a traditional midwife. Choose as per your needs. It varies as per the state’s legislation, your finances, and insurance, or even the place you wish to have your baby delivery.

Check if the midwife has hospital privileges. Ask your referrals about the Park City midwife to know how she will handle when there is a situation that is beyond her expertise. Also, try to understand if your gynecological care allows you to take your midwife in the postpartum stage.

Most people do not know the midwife’s different certification boards. Thus, it becomes tough to know the exact midwife you need to suit your fit.

Different midwives

  • Certified Nurse Midwife – They pass the course of certified nurse-midwives taking board exams, and are primary care providers, federally recognized, and can prescribe medications.
  • Certified Midwife – A certified midwife completes a midwifery program. They have certification and education but no nursing credentials. They provide care in a birth center or home, but they provide mostly in hospitals.
  • Certified Professional Midwife – These midwives complete an apprenticeship and education. They have experience and knowledge in the settings of the hospital. They also work in birth centers, private homes, and offer woman care.
  • Traditional Midwife – This midwife Park City has hands-on study experience and has no rules to follow as guidelines of an organization. They give free service in some places.